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1. Got to the 8th grade Math: 
2. Start with Basic (1-4)–> Proficient(1-6)–> Advance(1-3)
3. When you finish taking the each practice, click the check work button  at the bottom of the page.
4. Print: Press Ctrl+P and save as pdf with ( your name_basic1)i.e Teshale_basic1
5. Save it on your drive.

 JS  Beginners  

On The Move ( Statistics and Probability)
Data Resource:
Resource A:
Resource B:
Resource C:
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Date: 02/09/2016
Class: Students/Teachers Survey:
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Data collection resource tools:
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On the move expedition data collection templates:
1. Neighborhood project template
2. Bird data collection template
3. Tree data collection templateSample Example


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Grappling with GeoCatching:  Click Here:

Transformation activities:

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Surface area and volume of basic geometric shapes: Surface area: Click Here:
Volume: Click Here:

Global Day of Design:

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EOC / EOG practice 2015-16
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Math II: Here:
Math II: special:

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