Math Club

FSI  Math Club:

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This club  is composed of students who are interested in socializing with others while problem-solving. This club sponsors mathematics competitions including WCU Math Contest , NC State Math Contest and others. Students must be active members of Math Club in order to be eligible for these contests and competitions. This club is open to all students.

Math club is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math. Students will not only learn new material, but will apply their previous knowledge from school to fun and challenging problems. Furthermore, they will learn to view math not as a set of rules or guidelines, but as an art. Math is a subject full of creativity and opportunity that many students enjoy. Besides the academic benefits, math club is also a great way to meet new people and develop teamwork skills. ” – Washington student math association.

  • What is is about:
    • Learn and refine problem solving strategies
    • Compete for both team and individual
    • Participate in group tutoring opportunities
    • Help to create problem of the week
  • Why it’s worthwhile:
    • Explore subjects not covered in school
    • Build a foundation for college mathematics
    • Solidify concepts through teaching
    • Develop team cooperation, leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Who can participate?
    • Elementary ( Grade 5 and 6)
    • Middle (Grade 7 and 8)
    • High school ( Grade 9 through 12) and 8th grade Math 1 students
  • When do club activities occur?
    • Weekly practices
    • Smart period ( high school)
    • Competition season ( additional practice)
  • Where can club activities be held?
    • At school ( Math classrooms; Mr. Byan’s room will be homeroom)
    • Public Location (Library Rooms and Starbucks?)
  • Cost that
    • NO COST